4 Things Your Radio Station is Getting Wrong on Snapchat


Snapchat now has 158 million daily active users. It is the platform of the moment to reach a large and active audience. If your radio station is on Snapchat, you’re already one step ahead. However, are you doing everything you can to engage and recruit listeners on Snapchat?

  1. You’re not keeping it real

Snapchat’s informal style is designed to let people share their true selves. Your presenters need to be using Snapchat as a platform to get to know your listeners, and being too contrived and staged is not helping. Snapchat should allow you ro connect with listeners in the realest way. Ask your presenters to share snaps of them in the studio, or just chilling – your listeners love to know what goes on behind the scenes! Make sure your presenters have a sense of honour and stays genuine.


2. You’re not engaging listeners

One thing your station is failing to do on Snapchat is recognising that your listeners are the only reason your station is still standing. A great way to show your appreciation to your listeners is by sharing listener content through your Snapchat stories, answering listener questions and featuring your listeners in Snaps when possible (i.e. if you meet them at an event). You could also give your listeners shout-outs and thank them regularly for their loyalty (e.g. if you reach a follower milestone, share a story thanking them).


3. You’re not providing your listeners with exclusive content

A great quality that Snapchat has is that it creates a relationships with between users. Your radio station should be using this to your advantage by sharing behind-the-scenes content and exclusive sneak-peaks. One way to give your audience exclusive content could be giving them a behind-the-scenes tour of your studio.


4. You’re not setting yourself apart

Your radio station should be constantly highlighting what sets you apart and this also includes Snapchat. Snapchat is a way to define you as a radio station whilst always keeping your listeners in mind. Your radio station needs to determine what makes it different. How does your station make you stand out from all the others? Focus on these unique characteristics and make them apart of your Snapchat strategy. Remember to always keep your listeners in mind. Every time you share a Snap, ask yourself; who are you looking to reach? Who would they care? and how does this set you apart?