Week in Review – May Week 3

Exaget Week in review

Happy Monday! This Week in Review has highlighted a lot of interesting statistics and facts now that both Jacobs Media Strategies and RAJAR have released their latest consumer reports. RAJAR has shown some brilliant news for commercial radio, although some not so good news for BBC radio. Plus, we take a look at NPR’s summer podcast lineup, including shows for people from ages 5 and up!


Commercial radio listening figures surpass BBC

Commercial radio listening figures have now surpassed those of the BBC! Now, there are 352,000 more listeners tuning into commercial radio each week than BBC stations. Commercial radio now has 34.53 million weekly listeners, compared to 34.18 million who listened to BBC stations. Although the difference is very narrow, it shows the important role commercial radio plays in the lives of the UK public.


RAJAR Release Latest InfographicRAJAR

The latest figures by RAJAR have been released today (18th May 2017) and they show some good news for radio listenership! According to the figures, we are now listening to radio more than ever before; with listenership up year on year from 47.8 million to 48.2 million. We are now consuming over 1 billion hours of radio a week, with 400,000 more adults listening to radio since last year. Furthermore, the share of all radio listening via a digital platform now stands of 47.2%, up 9% year on year. This brings us even closer to reaching 50% – one of three criteria that must be met in order for the UK to follow in Norway‘s footsteps and switch completely from FM to DAB.

NPR Unveils Summer Podcast Lineup

NPR has unveiled its lineup of six new podcasts to debut over the summer. They are aiming to expand their range of our programming by giving a platform to new voices by doubling down on immersive stories and journalism. The new shows include the following:

  • Wow In The World – Educational podcast aimed at ages 5 – 12 covering topics including science and inventions.
  • Invisibilia – Third season of popular podcast answering questions about reality, assumptions and perception.
  • Live From The Poundstone Institute – Comedy podcast with live audience hosted by Paula Poundstone.


1 in 5 Radio Listeners Own a Connected CarTechsurvey 13

The latest technology survey, released by media research and consulting firm Jacobs Media Strategies has been released. The report asked over 51,000 radio listeners about their listening habits and some interesting trends were revealed. The report found that podcast usage has continued to grow, with one-fifth of radio listeners now listening to podcasts weekly. Furthermore, the Techsurvey showed that nearly two-thirds are able to connect a smartphone or mp3 player in their cars; with one fifth owning a “connected car” with a system like Ford SYNC. Another key finding is that nearly nine in ten respondents now own a smartphone, while two-thirds have a tablet – the highest levels since Jacobs Media has started conducting these surveys.