Week in Review – March Week 2

Exaget Week in review

The Infinite Dial results are here and this Week in Review highlights some interesting findings. Furthermore, the UK have something to be proud of; the UK’s commercial radio sector has reaped its largest ever annual advertising revenue total in 2016. In addition, there’s a new and improved version of the app which encourages users to make their own ‘radios stations’ and Union Jack has hit 3 million song votes in just 6 months.


Infinite Dial 2017 Results are RevealedInfinite Dial Diagram - Online radio listening in car

Edison Research and Triton Digital have unveiled their yearly Infinite Dial study, where they show American consumer usage of media and technology, including coverage of digital audio, social media, mobile smart speakers as well as podcast consumption.

Key findings include:

  • Time spent listening to online radio has surged to an all-time high, with listeners spending 14 hours and 39 minutes a week listening to online radio.
  • Pandora dominated audio brands with 86% aware of the brand.
  • 2 in 5 Americans have listened to a podcast in their lifetime.
  • Radio continues to dominate in-car audio with 47% using it as their primary source of car audio.
  • 12-24 year olds use Snapchat more than any other social media platform.


UK Radio Ad Spend is Higher than Ever

The UK’s commercial radio sectors advertising revenue total for 2016 was £645.8 million. This is the largest ever annual advertising revenue the UK has reaped and is up by 5.4% over 2015. 2016 marks commercial radio’s third consecutive annual revenue gain. The biggest contributors to radio ad revenue were automotive, retain, entertainment and leisure, finance and also government advertisers.


girl listening to music on phoneAnchor App gets users creating digital radio stations where content disappears after 24 hours

The Anchor App encourages users to record short form audio snippets which, similar to Snapchat, disappear after 24 hours. Although the creators released the app a year ago, they have updated it with a new and improved version. Anchor 2.0 features improved tools for audio creation, with features enabling users to easily adds full songs, professionally recorded transmissions as well as”call in” responses from listeners.


Union Jack Receives Three Million Song Votes

DAB+ radio station, Union Jack, which launched just 6 months ago, has already received three million song votes. The station plays ‘the best of British’ songs and engages listeners by encouraging them to request songs up or down in real-time using the station’s website and app. The Union Jack app also contains a “Backchat” feature where listeners can leave quirky messages or a gag for airplay. You can vote for the next song here.