Week in Review – February Week 1

This Week in Review has highlighted a huge variety of radio, advertising and digital news, from Facebook launching a new tool for advertisers to hackers using radio stations to deliver anti-Trump messages! Additionally, The National Lottery have used the digital age to their advantage by delivering perfectly targeted ads.

Week in Review - Facebook

Facebook Launches Tool for Advertisers to Compare Results Across Different Channels

Facebook has launched a new method for marketers to compare how their ads perform across digital, TV, and print. The Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) tool will let measurement partners gather information directly from Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s audience network on behalf of their clients for cross-channel measurement and planning.


The National Lottery Uses Digital Radio to Target Ads

The National Radio has started an audio advertising campaign which varies its message, not only relying on the location of the listener but also depending on whether the listener had already heard a National Lottery ad. The advert will play messages to the listener about how many projects the National Lottery has supported in their local area. The National Lottery will also deliver a new message every time the listener hears a broadcast of the campaign, allowing for the campaign to narrate a linear story.


Podcast Dedicated to Women of Colour Launched

Award winning journalist and broadcaster, Marverine Cole, has launched Quintessential, the UK’s first ever podcast devoted to women of colour. Quintessential is a series of monthly podcasts, revealing unique outlooks as well as stories from women from all walks of life. Marverine said that the podcast will allow women to be “apologetically black”. It will also allow for coloured women to have a “seat at the table” to share views about “politics, news and current affairs”.


Week in Review - Prison RadioReport on Life at the UK’s Prison Radio Station Released

Check out The Guardian’s article on the award-winning radio station, National Prison Radio, for the insights on how the station runs. Here you will find out who runs NPR, who listens and also how it has helped the prison community. In addition, the article features real conversations with inmates, shutting down stereotypes on the kind of people who inhabit prisons.


Sunny 107.9 is Hacked with Anti-Trump Message

On the 30th of January, hackers used Sunny 107.9 to broadcast YF and Nipsey Hussle’s anti-Trump anthem, ‘FDT’. The hackers played the song continually for approximately 20 minutes. The track contains graphic language aimed at the current President of the United States.

Station President Frank Patterson said that the station was hacked at the transmitter. Furthermore, Patterson stated on a Facebook post that “This is NOT our broadcast! We at WFBS do not take political views.”

Hackers haven’t only victimised Sunny 107.9. Several other stations across the US have also fell victim to unexpected plays of FDT.

Honda Aims to Simplify Voice Recognition System

Honda has revamped the functionality of its infotainment offerings. The vehicle manufacturer has launched updates to their voice-recognition systems in the ’18 Odyssey minivan. They have aimed to simplify the voice recognition system as well as speed up the response times. Simplifying included removing commands which control climate change as users rarely use this feature. This also includes minimising the times a user has to hit the talk button.