Week in Review – December Week 4

Week in Review

This Week in Review will be looking at what some of the biggest companies are doing to include digital radio in their business. We will also be seeing how well live streaming services really are doing compared to radio. Plus, we find out why police radio is also going digital.

Facebook to Add a Live Audio Feature

Facebook will be debuting a real-time radio option in early 2017. Live Audio will give users the option to broadcast even if their connection is low; audio requires less bandwidth than video. It will also allow users to interact with broadcasters via comments and reactions – making listener engagement so much easier. ‘Facebook Radio’ could also be a way for Facebook to expand their advertising formats as audio advertising market share doubles forward.

GWeek in Review - Googleoogle to Launch Podcast Series on Digital Marketing

Early next year, Google will be publishing a podcast series for people who are looking to expand their knowledge on digital marketing. Google will be putting agencies behind the microphone to share their knowledge and expertise on digital marketing. It will enable people to pick up skills as they learn about Google products, agency life, digital advertising and business.


 Radio is Still Bigger than Spotify and PandoraWeek in Review - Spotify

People are still listening to AM and FM channels more often than streaming services. According to a Morning Consult poll, 37 percent of respondents said that they listen to the radio more than any other music consumption options. Radio is even popular amongst the younger audience, with 83% of 18 to 29 year olds still tuning in.


 Police Radio to go Digital

By mid-2017, old analogue systems will be replaced with new secure, encrypted digital equipment. The old analogue systems, which the police force currently use, are easy to tune into via radios or even just mobile phone apps. The new digital equipment will stop communications being intercepted by the public. They will instead come with improved voice quality and clarity, coverage and will also be able to track device locations; vastly improving member safety.