Exaget Week in Review:Revenue growth from Digital Radio Advertising

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Here at Exaget we are bringing the power of digital marketing to radio advertising. Namely the ability to measure, make individual and modify audio Ads close to real time.

One question that we are often asked is whether advertising itself is relevant, given most people do not want advertising. Rather than answer it ourselves, we would like to point out to the results of a Forrestor study in our first article of the week-in-review.

Fred Jacobs in his latest Blog mentioned that, Some of radio’s biggest fans are accessing station content from computers, smartphones, and tablets – a trend that will only grow over time. Secondly, radio needs to fully embrace the streaming platform as digital competitors actively seek out touch points, outlets, and channels. And finally, there’s this issue of the Three M’s – the need to more accurately measure AM/FM streaming, merge it with usage data from broadcast radio in a format that is acceptable to agencies and buyers, and then monetize these bigger numbers.

The change occuring in Radio listening habits also seem to be showing up in the advertising growth numbers as i reflected in the RAB’s recent report on the growth in Digital radio advertising.

Here’s this week’s round up:

In-stream Audio advertising set to grow

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of Online music streaming. However, few music lovers feel they can justify the expense of an ad-free subscription to their favourite service. This situation makes the format attractive to advertisers – read the full article here

Not So Gently Down The Stream

One of the hot topics in radio for several years but reaching a fascinating apex at this point in time revolves around streaming and whether stations are getting proper credit and compensation for their audience usage numbers – read the full article here

Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) releases radio’s second quarter 2013 revenue

Radio’s Second Quarter 2013 revenue registered “no change from 2012, at $4.66B. First-Half comps were similarly flat, at $8.44B. Digital provided a bright note, up 16% for the Quarter and 13% for the Half. Network was down 4% for both periods – read the full article here

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