Personalised Radio

UTuneMe is an Exaget application that allows users to listen to internet radio, save their favourite broadcasts, and interact with targeted advertisements on their smartphones. Users can choose from thousands of radio stations around the world, and they can listen to their chosen broadcasts alongside relevant advertisements they didn’t even know they wanted.

UTuneMe creates meaningful personal experiences. Listeners hear advertisements specific to their personal tastes and location at any given time.

Advertising Community

Advertisers and Broadcasters can sign up for UTuneMe for free to take advantage of its roaming audiences and leverage Exaget’s ability to target listeners with relevant content.

UTuneMe advertising works by replacing the broadcasters’ existing advertisement slots with targeted, relevant, contextual ads. These audio advertisements are accompanied by visual, interactive content.

UTuneMe is available to all audio broadcasters, including major radio stations and smaller podcasts.

Free Broadcasting

Broadcasters can stream directly through UTuneMe for free. They enjoy the benefits of joint marketing with Exaget, the chance to expand their audiences, and the opportunity to earn money by working with UTuneMe’s advertisers.

Alternatively, Exaget can personalise the UTuneMe application with broadcasters’ own logos, colours and graphics for a small fee. Broadcasters can also add the Exaget Software Development Kit to their own applications free of charge.

To register your interest in joining the network of UTuneMe broadcasters and advertisers.

UTuneMe Features