3 Practices You Can’t Ignore To Understand Your Listeners’ Needs

Listener Needs

Your radio station cannot survive without conducting ongoing efforts to understand your listeners’ needs.

To discover if your radio station is having a positive effect and creating listener loyalty, you must take the time to understand their needs and respond to them. Acquiring listener feedback does not have to be expensive. By just conducting simple questionnaires or asking for your listeners to leave feedback in the comment section on your Facebook status, you can learn a lot about what your listeners want.


The most important step that your radio station must take to understand your listeners is by listening to them. Whether you are hosting a competition or have invited a listener to be featured on the radio, take a minute to ask them why they listen to your station and what your radio station could do to improve. You could even write a status or a tweet asking your listeners if they are happy with your station.


Remember that when your listener offers your radio station feedback, take time to put yourself in their place and empathise with them. Acknowledge your listeners for putting in the time and effort to comment. Do not treat them with bias just because they may have an issue with your radio station. Always allow your listener to tell their story, then offer ways to meet their needs.


If you want your radio station to gain more listeners and increase current listener loyalty, you must research your competition.

Tune in to other local stations to see what their unique selling point is. Conduct a phone or email survey of your potential listeners to discover the best qualities of other radio stations. Then, replicate some of these qualities in your radio station.



Remember that failure to understand your listener’s needs can result in negative comments or reviews about your radio station. Always go the extra mile to ensure that your listeners have a voice and are being heard.