UKRD Group joins forces with Exaget to bring Digital Audio Ads to its online listeners

Local commercial radio operator, UKRD, has linked up with Nordic firm, Exaget, a provider of technology for the delivery of personalised audio content, to enhance the listening experience of its mobile app based users.

The two companies today announced the deployment of Exaget’s patent-pending Ad insertion SDK (Software Development Kit) and Ad Exchange to the mobile Apps used by UKRD Group stations.

UKRD has been working closely with Exaget for a number of months, trialing Exaget’s technology and has now signed an agreement to bring this technology to market by incorporating it into UKRD’s in-house built mobile ‘phone apps. The technology will “go live” shortly and then be rolled out across the portfolio across the next few months.

Exaget’s technology offers broadcasters a simple and very cost-effective solution for customising content, including Audio Ads, for their mobile device listeners.

Using this technology, stations in UKRD will be able to deliver relevant, measurable and actionable Audio Ads to their online listeners. It opens up the possibility of not only personalising the ads based on the users location and interest, but ultimately will allow the listeners to respond to the ads immediately by clicking on an accompanying visual.

“Our online audience, especially mobile, is growing rapidly,” said the group’s Chief Technology Officer, James Wenger. “These listeners are used to the digital world which delivers relevant information they are able to act on immediately. We are excited to be able to bring these same benefits to our listeners by incorporating Exaget’s Digital Audio technology into our in-house developed Mobile Apps.”

“We supply other broadcasters with customised versions of our in-house developed Apps and, together with Exaget, we can look forward to bringing the same benefits to them,” he said.

“We embarked on a project which is all about making online content insertion truly simple for broadcasters to use, leveraging the simplicity all publishers have become used to in the digital marketing world,” said Shankar Meembat, Founder and CEO at Exaget Ltd. “We are proud to bring this to market with UKRD, a company which has a very competent team putting our technology through its paces.”

About Exaget Ltd

Exaget Ltd ( is an early-stage technology company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Driven by a passionate international team based in Helsinki and London, Exaget is making technology simpler to use for Radio Broadcasters and Advertisers to address the online users. It’s patent pending Content replacement technology allows replacement of online content at a highly granular level. Combined with its online ad portal, publishers and broadcasters can easily plan, manage and monitor audio campaigns real time.

About UKRD Group

UKRD Group owns and operates 17 local commercial radio stations across England, including Pirate FM in Cornwall and Sun FM in Sunderland, and is the fifth largest operator by licence number in the UK. The company also has investments in a national sales house, a number of DAB multiplexes and develops software including CMS systems and mobile phone applications


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