Exaget Week in Review: 2014 Prediction, Listening Trends & Figures

Exaget Week in Review: 2014 Prediction, Listening Trends & Figures

Internet radio advertising grabbed new interest in 2013, and is a significant area of interest for our guest soothsayers. From spot loads to pre-rolls to CPMs, 2014 could be a year of change and new ways to monetize audio.

MediaVest and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment have revealed the results of a joint national study looks into why, when and how consumers use particular audio platforms.

David Bakula, SVP of Industry Insights at Nielsen, notes interestingly that 118-billion streams “is the approximate revenue equivalent of 59 million albums purchased,” and that changes in consumer behaviour around music have an aspect of growth. “The industry remains vibrant as consumption continues to change and expand.”

Here’s this week’s round up:

2014 Predictions :

One easy prediction is this: 2014 will be an eventful year for all stakeholders in broadcast and Internet radio. RAIN is pleased to present predictions from thought-leading guest futurists on topics such as: Advertising,Competition, Innovation and Licensing.

Clear Channel & MediaVest Reveal Audio Study Results:

The study, which surveyed thousands of audio listeners who use one or more of the following audio sources:­ personal music collections (CDs, iTunes downloads), broadcast radio, streaming AM/FM radio, custom online playlists, satellite radio, online music videos and digital music channels on TV; ­shows that consumers recognize unique and important benefits for each audio platform, and will choose each based on the time of day and situational needs. In addition the research shows that because of the use of alternate audio devices, time spent across audio platforms continues to increase and growth in audio is predominantly additive.

Streaming music listening rose by 32% in 2013 (Nielsen):

press release from Nielsen reveals that the trendline of streaming music consumption moved in opposition to the download metric. Nielsen reports that 118-billion streams were served in 2013 on a slate of measured platforms, representing a 32 percent year-over-year rise in that mode of listening.

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