The Importance of Content: Exaget Week in Review

Exaget Week in review

In last week’s Week in Review we looked at the growth and acquisition of some well-known and emerging music streaming services as this market becomes increasingly competitive.

This week we’re looking at the various ways in which brands and companies use their content across a variety of platforms to reach new audiences while keeping their current ones happy.


BBC to test ‘experimental’ digital technology and content

The BBC has launched an online platform, BBC Taster, which will allow them to develop and test ideas for digital content and technology, which audiences will be able to watch and rate; such as interactive, short-form or social content, online features, as well as digital technology from BBC Future Media. The BBC hopes that this platform will enable them to respond to changing media habits as well as better serve its audience from gained feedback.


Umano offers streaming narrations of the web’s written work

Quite simply, Umano reads the internet for you, so that you don’t have to. The company supplies audio narrations of written web content, and currently has access to articles from several outlets, such as Forbes, Digital Trends, and VentureBeat. Umano’s PR have stated all narrations have links back to the original written posts, which will drive new traffic to the original publishers. Available as a free app for iOS and Android, the programme has already seen millions of downloads and streams, according to their PR. It’s good to see illiteracy levels being kept down….


Rdio launches in new countries & partners with Digicel

Rdio continues its empirical expansion into 24 new countries and territories across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific, as well as partnering with mobile phone network Digicel. 30 minutes of free Rdio internet radio listening will be offered to Digicel prepaid customers per day. A pay structure is, however, to be developed and launched in due time. These moves come following Rdio’s recent launch in India, where last year they acquired music streaming service Dhingana. Rdio CEO Anthony Bay had previously hinted at expansion plans: ‘Our ultimate goal is to be everywhere.’


Twitter tries to up its game with native video

Twitter is set to take on the likes of Facebook and YouTube in the world of native video content. Video is both a crucial and an important form of content for Twitter, as it drives engagement and generates more revenue than other forms of media. By launching its own video platform, users will be encouraged to upload their videos directly to Twitter rather than post links to clips on Facebook or YouTube, or any other video platform.


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