Software Development Kit

Upgrade Mobile Ad Targeting

Exaget’s technology consists of a software development kit (SDK) that audio broadcasters can add to their own in-house applications to upgrade their ad targeting and tracking capabilities.

Exaget’s code goes into the broadcasters online radio application and essentially replaces the existing radio player with the Exaget radio player. The broadcaster’s user interface remains the same, but the radio player is upgraded with enhanced targeting and tracking functionality.

Advertising Exchange

The Exaget SDK is supported by an audio advertising exchange that advertisers and broadcasters can use to plan campaigns and track their performance. This architecture, common to other mobile and online advertising networks, allows for easy integration to existing ad networks, and it enables radio stations that use the SDK to reach many more advertisers than they could on their own.

See Immediate Results

Exaget’s online portal allows users to set up campaigns, run campaigns and see results immediately. The information collected via Exaget’s analytics helps broadcasters and advertisers understand audience behaviour and how they consume content, making it easier to ensure the advertising delivers results.

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