Try these 8 Steps to Save Money Using Social Media

Social Media

Your radio station can save a lot of money by transitioning your marketing efforts online. A social media account is free and easy to use. It can help you effectively market your radio station so that you can reach your current listeners whilst also targeting potential future listeners.

1. Identify your audience

To effectively market your radio station via social media you must identify your audience. Essentially, your radio station should be targeting two types of audience; those that are already listening and engaging with your radio station and your potential listeners. For your social media marketing campaign to be successful you must make your current listeners feel appreciated whilst promoting your radio station to potential listeners.

2. Use appropriate social media platforms

Start by recognising your current listener base. Think about their demographics and psychographics and ensure your content is appropriate for this and meets their needs. Ask yourself what social media platforms they would use according to their age and gender and use these the most. According to Think Digital First, Facebook is considered as the most popular social media platform and should be used if your audience has a wide range of demographics. Twitter is most popular amongst the younger generations, with 65% of Twitter’s users being under the age of 24. Twitter can foster niche communities which could help your radio station properly target your audience. Instagram is also the most popular amongst the younger generation with 90% of Instagram users being under 35 years old. This should give you an idea of which social media platform you should be using the most to engage with your listeners.

4. Consider a social media manager

An idea to consider would be using an online social media manager, such as Hootsuite. This will allow you to maintain control of your radio station’s online presence without having to put in too much effort. These are usually free, although some may require you to pay monthly. Using an online social media manager will enable you to schedule posts and messages, review how successful these posts are at reaching your audience and view online mentions of your radio station by social media users.

5. Promote your page

Once you have established a strong social media presence, you must tell the world you are online and active. The best way to promote your page is by telling people about it. Simply by broadcasting to your listeners that they can “See pictures on our latest Facebook post” will give them a push to get online and like your page.

6. Create engaging content

Content is vital when it comes to marketing your radio station on social media. Your posts should be more than just self-promotion; share interesting or entertaining pictures and posts, such as pictures of your DJ’s at work or post links to local news, to increase engagement. Hold competitions where users have to share a post or like your page to be entered to win to increase followers and engagement. Your online presence should also reflect your on-air content; use social media to advertise which DJ will be on air next or what will be discussed next.

7. Listen to your audience

One of the best ways to market your radio station on social media is by listening to your audience. Read the feedback your listeners give you and respond to it to make sure they remain loyal. Always respond positively to feedback and reply with grace to bad reviews. Thank your listeners for their input and do your best to like or reply to your posts’ comments. If you are getting multiple people saying the same thing; consider these changes if possible so that your listeners remain happy.

8. Remain consistent

Make sure to remain consistent with your social media presence. Building a social media presence and follower base takes time and effort. Post updates every day and take time to respond to comments and feedback.

The key to making social media work for your radio station is patience. Remain patient and consistent and your followers will grow and engage in time.