5 Qualities of a Good Radio Presenter

Radio presenter


Radio Presenters are the voice of the station, they create the tone and style of the station and establish a relationship for listeners. A good radio presenter knows how to captivate and engage their audience. The following qualities are what all great radio presenters possess.

1. Leaves their bad mood behind

The most difficult challenge for a lot of radio presenters is controlling their mood. No matter what is going on outside of work, or if you get an angry caller, always remain enthusiastic, energetic and positive. Enthusiasm is catchy and negativity drags everyone down.

2. Knows their audience

It is important that you understand and relate to your audience so that they can relate to you. As a presenter you need to know and keep yourself informed about the latest news and trends so that your audience can connect with you.

3. Uses social media

Radio presenter

The world is now more connected that ever; your online presence will enable you to talk to your audience so that they can keep up to date with you, no matter if you are on-air or not. Social media also enables your audience to interact and engage with you and share their views to other listeners. Regularly check your social media during your show to give shout-out and share some interesting views.

A way to enhance your online presence is via your station’s website. Here, you could hold competitions and encourage listeners to share their opinions to increase online engagement.

4. Is authentic

What people love about presenters is their personalities. People who do not change their personality on air make the best presenters, don’t use unnatural words/phrases you wouldn’t normally use and never put on a fake laugh.


5. Addresses listeners as individuals

You should always present as if you are talking to a friend. Radio is an intimate medium, try to address your audience as “you” as much as you can rather than “listeners”.  Your listeners are usually multi-tasking and only half-listening – you should never pluralise your audience as this will break the bond between you and your listener.