Why the Panoply Pilot Project will Work Well

Panoply Pilot Project Logo

Podcast company Panoply have launched the Panoply Pilot Project. The project asks listeners to select new shows to turn into a full season. Listeners can offer feedback on each show and also vote for the ones they want to hear as a regular series. Users can vote by subscribing to their favourite podcast on iTunes or voting on their webpage. I can see nothing but positive things resulting from this project, it is a brilliant way to increase listener retention, brand awareness and listener engagement.

Listener Retention
Panoply Pilot Project Listener

The Panoply Pilot Project has incorporated several techniques to increase listener retention. First of all, a vote is cast when a listener subscribes to their favourite podcast. This means this if this podcast was to win, listeners will see the next episode in their podcast feed without having to actively search for it. The podcast sitting in a listener’s feed will make them much more likely to listen to it as it is already in their mind.

Another way the Panoply Pilot Project will increase listener retention is by sparking their curiosity. Listeners will return to Panoply  to find out which podcast has won once the competition is over.

Brand Awareness and Listener Engagement

The listeners who really like a podcast and would love to hear more of it would most likely turn to their friends and family to encourage them to listen in and vote for their favourite. The most passionate listeners might turn to social media to persuade their followers to vote for their favourite; spreading campaign and brand awareness. People will also engage with Panoply’s social media pages by sharing posts or leaving comments; not only increasing brand awareness but also listener engagement.



Not only does the Panoply Pilot Project help expand their audience, it is also a way for Panoply to get feedback. It will give Panoply a broader understanding of what their audience wants. Furthermore, the audience reaction will give Panoply a good idea of how successful the podcast is going to be. Panoply chief content officer, Andy Bowers, said “We’re looking at how many people actually do engage and whether it’s a useful way to help us determine what makes a good podcast.”