4 Myths about Norway’s FM Radio Switch Off You Can’t Ignore

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the Norway FM radio switch to DAB+. Luckily I am here to clear up the misconceptions and end the rumours.

Norway FM Radio Switch - Map

Myth: FM has been turned off across the entire country.

Fact: The process to turn off FM will take a whole year and the switch off will happen region by region. This way each region will be given time to prepare for the switch off. However, local radio outside the major cities may continue, although local radio only covers 5% of the market.

FM is currently only turned off in the county of Nordland, excluding small local stations.  Check out FM Scan to see a live map of where FM remains and also where it has been switched off.


Myth: Norway are switching off broadcast radio.Norway FM Radio Switch

Fact: DAB is broadcast radio, just like FM. DAB audio still transmits from transmitters to receivers, but just in a different manner.


Myth: 66% of Norwegians opposed to the switch (Poll carried out by Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet).

Fact: Although the results of the newspaper poll do show that two thirds of Norwegians were opposed to the switch, it all depends on how the question is asked; “Would you like your beoved FM radio to stop working?” would get a very different reactions to “Would you like to be able to listen to any station you want, no matter where you are?”.

What needs to be accounted are the facts; 74% of households have at least one digital radio and 300.000 Norwegians got a digital radio for Christmas (RadioAssistant).


Norway FM Radio Switch - PlaneMyth: Norwegians will have to bring a separate FM radios abroad.

Fact: Most digital radios come with FM too. The Norwegians will be able to take their digital radio wherever they want and still be able to tune in to the football or the news no matter where they are situated.