Mobile AUDIO Advertising

Mobile advertising is well on its way to being an integral part of the marketing conversation for most companies. The fact that so many people have smartphones and are somewhat addicted to them is enough to make any marketer giddy with excitement.

In 2012, $10 billion in sales were made through mobile channels. That’s expected to rise to $30 billion by 2016. In addition, 55 percent of smartphone owners use their smart phones to research purchases. Those numbers have mobile app developers and advertisers salivating. But they need to focus on real opportunities and not false hopes. (source)

Mobile audio features within applications represent an enormous and largely unrealized opportunity for both mobile developers and their brand partners. With more than a million apps in the app stores, only a fraction offer premium audio experiences and even fewer incorporate audio advertising.

Until now mobile radio has failed to take advantage of the inherent advantages of smartphones – Internet access, GPS, connectivity, reach and personal ownerships. Imagine being able to target customers with offers specific to their demographics, current location and time of day. Such flexibility in targeting allows for a very high ROI.

For e.g.: Imagine you have had a busy morning at work. You go outside to get your lunch, listening to radio on your phone you are walking down the high street, confused what to eat today as there are so many options right in front of you and just when your favourite song finishes you hear an audio advert “Confused about what to eat for lunch today?, why don’t you come to Pizza Hut and try our new lunch menu? “ And then you realise that you are standing right outside a pizza hut store.

Exaget enables broadcasters to connect with their listeners like never before, targeting them with relevant content based on location. We deliver high response rates and returns for clients, without expensive retrofitting. Through our innovative geo-location and demographic targeting technology, we bring you closer to consumers by replacing regular radio commercials with targeted messages specific to the individual listener. This is done in real time, so it is incredibly effective.

With listeners tuning in from around the world, investing in better targeting has never been more essential (or lucrative). With your own branded channel on our UTuneMe app, or by integrating our clever Exaget technology into your existing app, you can start getting closer to your listeners right away.

Mobile audio advertising

Savvy developers and companies who experiment with this emerging trend will be rewarded well beyond those who continue to view the smartphone as just another screen.

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