Mobile Advertising Utilizing Audio Ad Injection To Increase Your ROI

Advertising on internet radio using smartphone technology has radicalised and brought new context to radio. While listening to the football commentary, you can check the latest scores elsewhere on an app. You can Google a hot topic on a heated phone-in debate to check you’re properly informed to engage. You can also search for brands when you hear commercials.

However, until now radio has failed to take advantage of the inherent advantages of smartphones – location and personal ownerships. Imagine being able to target customers with offers specific to their demographics, current location and time of day. Such flexibility in targeting allows for a very high ROI.

Well, with Exaget, you can. Through our innovative geo-location and demographic targeting technology, we bring you closer to consumers by replacing regular radio commercials with targeted messages specific to the individual listener. This is done in real time, so it is incredibly effective.



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