When Mobile Advertising Goes Viral

Ten years ago, everyone thought that radio was on its way out, and with it radio advertising. Figures show that this assumption could not have been more wrong. What has happened is a move towards complexity and multi-channel advertising. With the ubiquity of smart phones comes an increase in the use of phones for music listening, and with this there is an increase in the potential for advertising.

The ZenthOptimedia Advertising Expenditure Forecast claims that mobile advertising is predicted to account for one-third of advertising expenditure growth this year. This refers to all advertising for mobile phones and tablets, but the trend is also one that we can see having huge potential in the radio advertising world, as a lot of radio is listened to this way. The benefit of this move is the possibility to gather more data via mobile devices, meaning that the radio adverts can be catered to individual listeners based on their demographic, their location and the time of day. This is exactly what Exaget offers with our mobile advertising packages.

Radio advertising for mobiles can show ingenuity and humour, and be as groundbreaking and successful as other campaigns. In fact, the most successful mobile advertising campaigns draw upon a range of mediums, since all are available at the touch of a button with a smart phone. Here are our favourites and what they mean for the industry.

‘Don’t Call Us’ Direct Response Advertising

The ‘don’t call 1-800-TRY-LITTLE-C’ campaign for Little Caesars pizza chain featured an advert (shown on both TV and heard on radio) urging customers NOT to call the number given. Those who did call were urged not to visit a website, and when on the website were implored not to enter their address details. Take a look at the campaign here:

Direct response marketing is often very successful in mobile campaigns. When a potential customer is in your target area for example, a mobile advert asking them to call for a promotional code before heading to a certain restaurant for lunch proves very successful. Asking for customers to engage with your business is so much easier when the customer already has their device to hand.

‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Viral Video

‘Dumb Ways To Die’ has been one of the year’s most popular advertising campaigns, featuring a catchy tune which was originally rolled out on radio in Melbourne and across the Metro system, and it has gone viral on the internet, generating over 60 million hits for the video on YouTube. Take a look:

The campaign has since taken on a life of its own, and has been featured in the top ten iTunes charts within various countries. It has also spawned countless parodies and cover versions, generated a karaoke version and has even been developed as a game for iPhones and iPads (and now also for Android devices). For a song that once featured on the radio, the idea has done pretty well!

The success of these campaigns shows how much attention is paid to what happens on radio and on mobile devices; without this initial spark, arguably neither of these campaigns would have been so successful. Not every business will be looking to catapult itself across the globe with a viral advertising campaign, but with targeted ads from Exaget, your business can increase its profile and reach the customers that matter most; namely the ones on your doorstep. Contact us to find out how our innovative mobile advertising strategies can work for you.