How Exaget Can Manage Your Listener Engagement

Here at Exaget, we know the importance of having a rich online presence in this digital era. Your online presence is a way to engage with your listeners and to be discovered by your listeners. Your listeners expect you to be online, and not having a rich online presence can only result in you losing listeners and potential listeners.

Our set of solutions and services are designed to help radio stations connect their on-air presence with their online presence so that they can reinforce each other. The end result of our tools and service will not only results in increased listeners, but also in an engaged listener base.

There are three elements of online presence that Exaget can help with;

  1. \"Website\"1. Your website: As a portal to your listeners, your website is critical to achieve listener engagement. It is a window that provides critical information about your programming, your activities and your presenters to the audience. It must be updated consistently and regularly, so must be manageable without having to know software coding.
  2. \"Mobile Your Mobile App: Your listeners are constantly on their mobile; whether they are out and about; in bed; at work or at home. Having your own App allows your brand to be just one click away from the listener at any point in time. And, of course, once the listener has downloaded it, your App offers multiple opportunities for you to engage with your listeners directly.
  3. Managing your social presence: Yes, you need a Facebook and Twitter presence. However, there is more to just having a page on these sites. Your presenters are one of the main reasons your listeners tune in to your station. Therefore, having your DJs tweet and post on social media offer an excellent way to engage and gain trust with your audience. With multiple people involved in your social media presence, it is critical to be able to manage these consistently to ensure your listeners are engaged but not overwhelmed.

Exaget have all the tools required to help you kick-start and manage your listener engagement process. However, these tools are only as effective as how they are used. This is why we will not only help you set these tools up, but we help you set up the processes to use them effectively. This will involve;

  • Training the various people involved
  • Creating plans on how the tools are deployed and used
  • Defining engagement models (ie. contests and polls)
  • Monitoring, analysing and improving engagement on a regular basis.

To learn more, contact us.