January 2017 – Newsletter

 Website Redesigned

Exaget has walked into 2017 with a fresh website design and it looks awesome!Here at Exaget, we are obsessed with ensuring that radio stations have the best possible online presence. We want to ensure that radio stations keep on top of their social media pages, website and app so that they can give listeners an amazing online experience as well as provide value to advertisers.

We thought it was only fair that we practised what we preached which is why we have relaunched our website with a sleek new design. Check it out here.

And it is not just the design, we have been packing it with loads of new content too. Below is a sample, but you can visit the website to see more.

Please do share your comments including any suggestions for topics you would like covered.

Blog: Facebook Live Audio

For those who don’t know, Facebook have announced that they will be expanding its Live platform by introducing Live Audio.
Similarly to Facebook Live (Live Video), live audio will enable any Facebook user to go live, but without the visual aspect.
Facebook have even claimed in their announcement that “listeners can discover live audio content in News Feed, ask questions and leave reactions in real time during the broadcast, and easily share with their friends.”

Week in Review

If you are interested in what has been trending and developing this month in the world of digital and radio, you can read our hand-picked selection of the latest and most relevant news in our Week in Review posts.

Blog: What’s the Point in Radio Advertising?

Close your eyes and think about the things you do whilst listening to the radio. Maybe you listen to the radio whilst cooking or cleaning? Do you listen to it whilst working or driving? Maybe you scroll through social media as you listen? Maybe you are even listening to it now whilst reading this newsletter?
Now, ask yourself if your full attention is ever on the radio and just the radio. Try to think about the last time you fully listened to the radio, without doing anything else or focusing on anything else. Difficult, right?
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