Interview with Matthew Layton: Broadcast Partnership Account Manager

Today we interview Matthew Layton, Exaget’s Broadcast Partnership Account Manager. After graduating from the University of Cambridge Matthew worked in a wide range of roles within the radio & broadcast industry. In his spare time he runs ZoneOneRadio.
Matthew Layton
Why did you choose to work in a startup?
I didn’t really choose to work in a startup, I chose to work for Exaget.

I’ve been saying for about fifteen years that the future is in audio content over mobile devices – I made my first podcast in 1999 – and now for the first time it is my full time job.

Another part of Exaget’s attraction for me was the chance to learn how to do things properly. Our CEO Shankar is variously a hard task master – he likes to do things properly – and very modest – we all know he used to work for Nokia, but it’s only after a little digging that you find out that he ended up at Global Director level.

I guess one of the advantages of working for a start up is that no two days are the same. The job is incredibly varied and I’m learning a hell of a lot on a daily basis.

What’s your background?
I have fifteen years experience in radio production. I started out at the BBC doing everything from  ordering the fruit platter for Radio 3’s drivetime programme to pushing the buttons on Radio 1’s Glastonbury coverage.

After a brief period in text message advertising in 2001 I then moved into the commercial sector and have production credits for the likes of Shell, Vodafone, BT,, Heinz and Tesco.

In my spare time I run ZoneOneRadio, which is both a community radio platform for Central London and a social enterprise which helps unemployed people gain administrative skills and hands-on media production experience with a view to getting them into sustainable employment.

What’s your favourite part of working at Exaget?
I love working in a multi cultural environment. We have offices in London and Helsinki and our team come from all over the world including India, Italy, South Africa, Russia and Singapore.

There’s always something interesting  to learn. While talking to one of my colleagues recently about one of her relatives I discovered that in India anyone who lives to the age of 84 is considered to be very special even sacred.

“is that something to do with numbers? 7 x 12?” I asked.

“No. It is because they have seen a thousand moons.”

Which is one of the most beautiful sentences I have ever heard.


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