The Growth of Online Radio and What it Means for You

The advent of smartphones and tablets has heralded a new age of online radio listeners, with apps like UTuneMe making it easy to access the most popular global radio stations from around the world. As more and more people tune in online, it seems like a smart decision to focus on targeting digital audiences with internet radio broadcasting to help make the most of your advertising.

flagpileAccording to Radio Joint Audience Research, the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK 52% of the nation are now tuning in to the radio using a digital platform, an increase of 15% from last year. 43% of 15-24 year olds, and 24% of adults have listened to the radio on their mobile phone, illustrating the growing trend in online radio. With such high percentages of listeners tuning in on their mobiles there is clearly a growing market for internet radio broadcasting.

With such a rapidly rising trend in the mobile radio market, it seems prudent to invest in internet radio broadcasting for your business. Here at Exaget we offer targeting techniques for you to make the most of your advertisements and reach the correct demographic of listeners.

Through our own survey, we have found that 44% of digital listeners don’t mind hearing advertisements and a further 25% of them don’t mind if they are relative to their interests. At Exaget we can help you optimise your advertising in order to reach your company’s target audience with internet radio broadcasting for the mobile radio market.

The renewal of radio in the digital market calls for a review on the ways a company tries to reach a target market, so utilise our amazing services to ensure that your advert is relevant and contextual to the audience you reach. With the many different services we have to offer, we can give you the tools to succeed in the new world of radio so contact us today.