Get the Midas touch for your radio advertising

imagesThe numbers say it all.  The number of users listening to radio, via broadcast radio as well as online radio, continues to increase. According to RAJAR, the official body responsible for measuring radio audiences in the UK, eighty nine percent (89%) of the population tunes into radio every week.  Technological advances in smartphones, with support for radio, also indicate the increasing preference for radio.

The question, however, remains – how can such a powerful medium with visibly large audience be leveraged with the right marketing model to increase business benefits for business enterprises? Are business owners convinced of the ROI that radio can give them?

Below is a summarized case study of how an organization increased sales by shifting its advertising budget from TV to radio advertising. (The original case study can be found here).

Midas, an automotive service provider, faced challenges in marketing their services through TV, as they believed they had a geographic limitation. Their competitive prices varied from one geographic location to another, depending on the availability of products and overhead costs. For example, during the winter season, the special discounts and attractive pricing seemed to have a different appeal in relatively warmer places as opposed to places where car owners were braving ice and snow.

As first step, Midas provided broadcasters with different creative material that could be used across various geographical locations. And the result? Midas franchisees experienced double-digit increases in customer visits, and sales have increased ever since.

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