February 2017 – Exaget Newsletter

Can you believe it’s nearly March? This month has flown by! We have been super busy at Exaget; posting blog after blog and making eBook after eBook. These eBooks can be found on our brand new Resources page which also contains some interesting infographics and studies which you might find helpful. You can check it out here.

Take a look at the snapshots of some of our newest content below.

It can be difficult to increase engagement on social media, which is why we have put together this infographic to help you increase your social media engagement rate.
Download and print it! Put it up at your desk!


If you’re interested in what is trending and developing each week in the world of digital and radio, you can read our hand-picked selection of the latest and most relevant news in our Week in Review posts.

Blog: The 6 Worst Radio Ad Practices

The thing that bothers me with a radio commercial is that advertisers seem to want their listeners to know they are listening to a commercial. For some reason, advertisers seem to think that a commercial is only good if it sounds exactly like all the others.

We, as an audience, have learnt over the course of our life to block out advertisements. We tune out as soon as we hear something that remotely sounds like an advert.

The main problem is that most advertisers…[Read More]

RAJAR Figures Released

The Q4 2016 RAJAR figures (released 9 February 2017) has revealed some exciting news; that radio is even more relevant as it was five years ago.  Who said radio was dying?
RAJAR announced that 48.7 million adults, or 90% of the adult UK population tune in to radio every week. This is up by approximately 445,000 adults compared to last year. It is the second highest number of total live audience recorded across the UK.
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