February 2015

February 2015 – Exaget Newsletter

Exaget set for expansion with €700k Investment

Exaget has begun 2015 with the announcement of a €700,000 investment from a combination of Finnish, Asian and UK investors. The investment includes angel investors in the UK, and Finnish venture capital firms Finnvera and Gorilla ventures. It also includes a government research and development loan from Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for innovation.

The company’s board is also being reconstituted with the addition of Hannu Jungman representing Finnvera, and Martin Stringfellow from Indigo Capital, representing the angel investors. Travis Baxter, who has worked in radio with RTL and Advent International, will become an advisor to the management and the board. [Read More]

Radio Times are Changing

Exaget’s CEO, Shankar Meembat, charts the changes to radio over its 120 years and ask why, despite listening figures steadily on the up, spending on the lucrative opportunities of mobile advertising is not keeping in line:

Radio may be one of the oldest social mediums, 120 years old this year in fact, however it is still capable of holding its own against the online onslaught. Sales of radio boxes have declined steadily in recent years and we’re generations away from the days of families gathering around the wireless to hear the latest news. Yet, in today’s multichannel, digital world, radio is still flourishing. Over the decades, the overall concept of radio has remained the same but the biggest change has been the way the output is being consumed by listeners. So why are listening figures up, but spending not keeping in line? The proliferation of mobile use could be the biggest culprit. If we take the US as an example, 2014 was the year when mobile advertising spend took over radio advertising spend for the first time. The trend is definitely moving more towards online advertising, and radio seems unable to tap into that new market.     

New Broadcast Partners

Exaget are proud to announce their two new broadcast partners to their ActiveRadio network, which already includes UKRD, French Radio London, RockSport Radio, Awaz FM, and ZoneOne Radio. Harrow Community Radio is a community radio station for local people by local people, and has been set up as a project to engage with the community who live and work in the London borough of Harrow. Diverse FM is Luton’s most anticipated entrants on the media scene. Broadcasting in Bedfordshire, Diverse FM offers a fresh new entertainment channel that is built around dance music, youth culture and local communities. Exaget are looking forward to working with these two great community radio stations.


Week in Review

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