Exaget Week in Review: Spotify’s Radio, Study Of Millennials, Cumulus on Rdio & Streaming.

Exaget Week in Review: Spotify's Radio, Study Of Millennials, Cumulus on Rdio & Streaming.

Spotify announced a new programming tactic it calls a “radio show,” starring singer/songwriter Billy Bragg.

Edison Research presented its new study, #MeetTheMillennials, at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville

Cumulus Media conducted its earning call yesterday, during which CEO Lew Dickey spoke about the partnership with music subscription service Rdio, and about online music generally.

Here’s this week’s round up:

Spotify tries its hand at “radio”; Billy Bragg is host

A monthly production, the first episode appeared on February 11. The program’s hook is a “talking playlist,” and it will feature Bragg selecting tracks and inserting commentary into the playlist.

Edison study of Millennials: FM and Internet competing for mindshare

The survey, months in the making, was conducted by phone and via in-person interviews and queried 1,550 individuals around the U.S. about their taste in music (Country Music in particular) and their listening sources.

Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey talks about Rdio and streaming music

Cumulus struck a deal with Rdio last October, in an arrangement which commits Cumulus to spend $75-million in marketing to Rdio over five years, during which time Cumulus will accrue 20 percent of equity in Rdio.

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