Exaget Week in Review: All Radio Listening, Music App Revenue, FM in Mobile & Local Radio Ad

Exaget Week in Review, All Radio Listening, Music App Revenue, FM in Mobile, Local Radio Ad

ALL RADIO LISTENING. Today RAJAR announced 48.4 million adults or 91% of the adult (15+) UK population tuned in to their selected radio stations each week in the fourth quarter of 2013. This is up by approximately 1.4 million adults on the same quarter of the previous year (Q4, 2012). The total average number of weekly hours listened to radio for this quarter is 1.03 Billion.

Revenue for music apps grew 77% in 2013, year-over-year, according a the App Annie Index: 2013 Retrospective report.

Now BlackBerry, the once-dominant, now-beleaguered phone maker, has updated its BB10 unit (that’s the phone with a physical keyboard) with an activated FM chip.

MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven Simon Kirby has urged small businesses in his constituency to recognise the potential of advertising on local radio.The Kemptown MP announced that in the last four years over six hundred businesses have benefited from advertising on Brighton’s Juice 107.2 station.

Here’s this week’s round up:


25% of adults – have ever listened to radio via their mobile phone,
up 32% Year on Year
45% of 15-24 year olds – have ever listened to radio via their
mobile phone, up 23% Year on Year.

Music app revenue grew 77% in 2013, led by Pandora

App Annie Index: 2013 Retrospective report. The report studied income derived from both free and paid apps. In the free category, in-app purchases applied — as with Pandora, Rdio, Deezer, and Slacker, each of which falls into the top 10 revenue-gaining music apps.

FM creeping back into mobile devices, now BlackBerry

So while BlackBerry’s announcement isn’t a boulder crashing into the pond, it is another pebble in a gently building trend to put FM back into the mobile experience. Recently, heads of two public radio networks made a public call for handset makers to activate their in-built radio chips. If for no other reason: Why the heck not?

Local radio praised in House of Commons

Mr Kirby, Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has praised the role of local radio stations in supporting small businesses through advertising and promotional opportunities.The Advertising Association has published a report which shows that whilst small and medium sized enterprises account for half of all jobs and 40% of turnover, they contribute just 18% of UK spending on advertising.

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