Exaget Week In Review: Radio Advertising & Digital Revenue, Internet-Connected Cars

Radio Advertising,Radio Digital Revenue, Internet-Connected Cars

Marketing Evolution CEO Rex Briggs pointed out LAST WEEK, great creative moves product, which means great creative should bring you more revenue

Two major disrupting forces are headed for the South African radio market that have the power to shake up the industry, just as online and blogging platforms have done to the print media.

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) released its first-quarter revenue report for the radio industry.

The Internet is coming to your car. Later this year, General Motors will put Internet connectivity directly into its vehicles. It’s the largest auto company to do so.

22 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland

Where is the AM/FM radio? Repeat — no AM/FM.

Here’s this week’s round up:


If there’s even the slightest chance, writing and producing better sounding spots gives an advertiser a better chance to succeed and gives radio a better chance to increase revenue, why isn’t this changing?

Grubstreet: Here come the radio disrupters, CliffCentral leading the pack

“People want great content, and we’ll give it to them. And advertisers can start accessing the richest, most tech-savvy audience there is.”

Digital sales keep radio revenue stable in Q1 (RAB)

“The double-digit gains in the Digital and Off-Air sectors this quarter highlight the growing interest among advertisers in utilizing Radio’s multiple facets,” said Erica Farber, RAB’s President and CEO.

For Automakers, Internet-Connected Cars Are A Balancing Act

GM is trying to keep up and is equipping its cars with data plans. (For the record, NPR — like other content providers — has made deals with GM and other carmakers to provide its content directly in cars.) It’s putting high-speed 4G data inside its cars, so that drivers can connect to, say, Pandora, look up restaurants or find gas stations directly in their cars without using any other device.

Links of interest for week ending 25 May 2014 – James Cridland

22 articles about radio and the media, curated by James Cridland

Where is the AM/FM radio in my new car? (Steve Goldstein)

I purchased a new GMC Acadia two weeks ago — and one week later, it’s already on a recall list … arrghhh. So that’s disturbing item number one. Now, number two: Where is the AM/FM radio? Repeat — no AM/FM.

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