Exaget Week in Review: Mobile Music Services, Radio Growth & Men’s Buying Behaviour

Exaget Week in Review, Mobile Music Services, Radio Growth, Men's Buying Behaviour

James Cridland shared his experience from Mobile World Congress, focusing on Mobile giants like Samsung, Sony and Nokia launching their individual music service.

A new survey report conducted by Borrell Associates for the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) reveals that the online revenues of radio stations grew 15% in 2013, and is projected to grow 22% above that higher level this year.

The radio industry of India has received praise in the KPMG report released at FICCI Frames 2014. In a sluggish economy, the industry outperformed the growth compared to other traditional media, even without Phase III.

According to BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor™, the 20.5% of males who use tablets and the 34.8% who use smartphones for local shopping are more engaged with mobile than many female consumers.

Here’s this week’s round up:

James Cridland: Nokia and Sony push their own music services at Mobile World Congress

“At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, one of the most interesting things to me was the prominence that radio got. No, not FM radio — more of which later — but the radio and music services run by the mobile phone companies.”

Radio’s online revenue growing fast

The impressive growth is not all in advertising. Many stations and radio groups are extending into the digital services space, “include app development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media and email management,” according to the report summary.

Radio industry revenues expected to more than double by 2018

Predicting the coming years, the report indicates that like in 2013, the FM radio industry is expected to outspace the growth of overall advertising industry. With a forecasted CAGR of 16 per cent till 2018, industry revenues are expected to more than double.

Men are Heavily Engaged with Their Mobile Devices When Shopping Locally

The cliche that men hate to shop and women love it is pretty deeply ingrained in our collective psyche. But the truth is, everyone shops. The real differences between men and women involve not whether they like to shop, but how they shop, especially when it comes to their mobile devices.

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