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Triton Digital® has released its monthly Top 20 Ranker for March 2014. The Ranker is a listing of the top-performing digital audio stations and networks measured by the Webcast Metrics® audience measurement platform. Webcast Metrics is accredited by the Media Rating Council.

The adoption of smartphones is clearly taking off throughout every age group, but while mobile marketing is presenting a tremendous opportunity, marketers continue to struggle to discover exactly which tactics should be used to make sure that they continue to connect with mass audiences.

A mobile-first advertising strategy is already in place by many companies looking to reach their customers where they’re actually active. Whether you’re focused on Facebook advertising, banner ads, marketing your mobile app or looking to drive greater brand awareness on multiple mobile channels, it’s important that a portion of your advertising spend is allocated to mobile marketing.

A new study of January data by comScore and Millennial Media reveals that among 15 Internet content categories, streaming radio is (by far) the most mobile.

Amazing Video Infographic by IABUK – three lessons for advertisers on how to make the most of Mobile Marketing

RAJAR Q1 2014 Data Released

Here’s this week’s round up:

Triton Digital Releases March 2014 Top 20 Ranker

Audience rankings are done on the basis of “Average Active Sessions”, with “Session Starts” and “Average Time Spent Listening” also displayed. Rankers are divided into “Domestic” and “All Streams.” The “Domestic” Ranker quantifies listening done inside the U.S. based on log-based information provided by the station, this report is not MRC accredited. The “All Streams” Ranker merely verifies the quantity streams without qualifying where they are being consumed, and is MRC accredited


A recently released report from The Intelligence Group has shown that the “Millennials” generation is particularly open to receiving mobile marketing ads and promotions, and are among the most likely to engage with brands by way of their smartphones and other portable gadgets. That said, the report indicated that as that group continues to mature, marketers will need to keep on top with their evolving expectations.

10 mobile marketing statistics to help justify your budget

Mobile, as a marketing channel, can no longer be ignored and must be addressed in order to succeed. To accomplish this goal and defend your decision to apply some of your spend to mobile marketing, use these statistics to support your budget allocations…

Streaming radio is the most mobile content category (comScore/Millennial Media)

The report notes that mobile-only use of Internet content grew nine times faster than overall Internet use, year-over-year. Crossover use (percentage of users using both PCs and mobile devices) grew from 63% to 70% during that time.

IAB RealView – infographic video

An animated video that pulls out the key findings from IAB RealView research project. The video includes three lessons for advertisers on how to make the most of marketing via mobile.


18% of adults – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile phone or tablet at least once
per month. Up 43% Year on Year. 32% of 15-24 year olds – claim to listen to the radio via a mobile
phone or tablet at least once per month

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