Exaget Week in Review: Internet radio and Digital listening surveys and Mobile advertising.

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Internet radio going main stream. Edison study found that for the first time a majority of Web users — 53%, to be precise — listen to Internet radio outlets, including personalized streaming, live online audio and music on-demand. More than 80% of smartphone owners said they listen to some kind of Internet radio on their mobile gadgets.

The share of digital listening accounted for by online and ‘apps’ grew by 1.6 percentage points to 14.9%, while the proportion accounted for by digital TV fell slightly (down by 0.6 percentage points) to 15% year on year.

In western Europe, mobile internet ad spending as a percentage of total digital ad spend has grown from 3.3% in 2011 to 12.6% in 2013, and that proportion is predicted to grow to 20.4% in 2014. A large part of the challenge has been one of the technologies used to serve ads.

Here at Exaget we have developed a range of services to enable broadcasters to monetize their online audience with our smart new ad insertion technology. We have taken a mobile first, client based solution offering the broadcaster ease of integration, low investment and high scalability.

Here’s this week’s round up:

Internet radio services becoming more mainstream, survey says

Internet radio’s drumbeat is getting louder. More than half of Americans who go online listen to Internet radio services, and consumers who use them are using them more often, indicating the industry has become increasingly mainstream, according to a new study by Edison Research – read the full article here.

Ofcom publishes Digital Radio Report 2013

Ofcom has published its Digital Radio Report for 2013. As part of its Digital Radio Action Plan, the Government asked Ofcom to report annually on the availability and take-up of digital radio services – read the full article here

Mobile advertising is evolving, but there’s more to be done

Mobile is no longer a future challenge; it is here and now, and you cannot help feeling that we simply aren’t prepared. But things are moving rapidly – they have to – with both ad platforms and advertisers taking mobile very seriously – read the full article here

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