Exaget Week in Review: Infinite Dial 2014, Best streaming service & Mobile Ads Target.

Exaget Week in Review: Infinite Dial 2014, Best streaming service & Mobile Ads Target.

The Infinite Dial, a large-scale research survey of consumer media usage in its 22nd year, was unleashed yesterday by Edison Research and sponsor Triton Digital. Triton is newly involved in the project, replacing former partner Arbitron. As in past years, The Infinite Dial 2014 was unveiled in a multimedia webinar hosted by Edison’s Tom Webster and Triton’s Mike Agovino. It covered topics like “The growth of online listening” , “Mobile – “It’s about behaviour, not devices”” and also stated in its preview that “Nearly a third of 12+ Americans use Pandora each month.”

“CultOfMac” did some hands-on testing and in-depth research in order to determine just who has the leading edge in music streaming and what they offer in terms of functionality, catalogue size, features and usability.

Hispanic consumers are more social and mobile in their local shopping behaviours than non-Hispanic consumers, according to BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor™ survey.

Here’s this week’s round up:

Infinite Dial 2014 preview: Nearly a third of 12+ Americans use Pandora each month

Edison Research and Triton Digital have scheduled the release of Infinite Dial 2014, for Wednesday, March 5. The Infinite Dial study is in its 22nd year, and its results will be introduced in a free webinar, presented by Tom Webster of Edison and Mike Agovino of Triton.

The Infinite Dial 2014 review : The growth of online listening

The presentation began with broad trends in online radio listening.A headline graphic started things off: 124-million Americans, 47% of the 12+ population, have listened to online radio during the last month. (“Online radio” ecompasses both AM/FM streams and Internet-only streams.) That percentage escalates dramatically in the 12-24 age cohort, to 75%. (Only 21% of the 55+ crowd listened online in the previous month.)

The Infinite Dial 2014 review part 4: Mobile – “It’s about behaviour, not devices”

The study examined use of mobile devices, and put it in long-term perspective with results from past years. The broad story of smartphone adoption is unsurprising but impressive.

And The Winner Is… Best Internet Radio Streaming Service

Internet Radio has some fierce competition. Since the launch of iTunes Radio in 2013, it became much harder to single out one service in particular that reigns supreme. Does the popular US service Pandora still have what it takes to surpass all others? Is Slacker Radio more your personal preference?.

Social and Mobile Advertising are Vital in Reaching Hispanic Consumers

According to the survey, Hispanic consumers are more likely to have adopted mobile devices and use them daily for shopping for local products and services than non-Hispanic consumers.
– Tablet: 23.6% Hispanics vs. 15.5% non-Hispanics
– Smartphone: 48.5% Hispanics vs 32% non-Hispanics

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