Exaget Week in Review: IAB on Digital Advertising, Borrell Report, Advertising on Internet Radio

Exaget Week in Review: IAB, Digital Advertising, Borrell Report, Advertising, Internet Radio

Guy Phillipson, CEO of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, offers his take on the shape of things to come for digital advertising in 2014.

Recently released Borrell Associates study, The Future of Legacy Media. The 40-page report analyses migration from analog to digital, and the projected impact of that shift for print, broadcast, and Internet media platforms.

While newspapers, magazines and billboards continue to be an advertiser’s favourite. The internet radio streaming media is by far considered the most effective form of advertising.

Here’s this week’s round up:

2014: The end of the beginning for digital advertising – by IAB CEO Guy Phillipson

mobile is likely to be reported as a billion pound medium in its own right for 2013, growing at a staggering 130 per cent. The consumer goods sector has led the way in mobile investment, accounting for 28 per cent of mobile display advertising. Retailers win the prize for the highest percentage of optimised sites (75 per cent). While there remains a lot to do in terms of mobile ad ops and measurement, mobile could very well double again in 2014, given that other sectors are also eager to reach the “always on” mobile majority.

Borrell report projects dramatic growth of pure-play mobile and advertising

Borrell frames the transition in two five-year periods: 2008 to 2013, and forward to 2018. In Borrell’s framework, 2008 was the year of initial disruption to legacy media, although that differs among the mediums within “media.”

Why You Should Take A Look At Advertising On Global Internet Radio

Internet Radio is the fastest growing way in which we listen & perceive media! The growth is like a dual rocket both in listeners per capita and in gross on-line radio advertising revenue.

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