Exaget Week in Review: BIA/Kelsey Mobile Predictions, Free Music on Smartphones, Rdio Now Free with Ads

Exaget Week in Review, BIA/Kelsey Mobile Predictions, Free Music on Smartphones, Rdio Now Free with Ads

BIA/Kelsey analysts huddle to formulate predictions for the coming year in respective areas of domain expertise. Earlier this week, they released a report that highlights picks across local media coverage areas.

The days of portable audio cassette and CD players are long gone. Instead, most mobile users listen to mobile music on newer, smaller devices, and a study by AYTM Market Research found that smartphones were the chart-topper among devices used.

Not to be outdone by Spotify, Beats or Pandora, Rdio is now free through its website. Mobile users still have to pay if they want access to the full Rdio experience.

Here’s this week’s round up:

BIA/Kelsey Mobile Outlook: 5 Predictions and a Wild Card:

below is the “director’s cut” by Mike Boland. He said “These are areas I’ve been watching most, and where I think they’re moving. It’s pretty clear from the momentum in these areas that it’s going to be an action packed year for mobile.”
1. U.S. Mobile Ad Market Exceeds $10B
2. The Discovery Channel
3. How Much is That Dongle in the Window?
4. SMB-Facing Mobile
5. Mobile Value Lies in MAUs (for now)

Mobile Music Listeners Press Play on Smartphones:

The majority of US mobile users surveyed in December 2013 said they listened to mobile music at least “sometimes,” and around half of that group played songs “often.” AYTM’s findings confirmed their popularity on mobile: Nearly six in 10 respondents had at least one mobile app that streamed music. But those who do stream music through apps typically aren’t paying to do so.

Thanks To Ads, Rdio Now Offers Free Streaming On The Web:

Users will also have to pay if they want an ad-free experience — because that’s how Rdio is making its service free.

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