Exaget Week in Review: Digital market booming due to rise in digital streaming

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John Byrne weighs up the pros and cons of a strategy focused on apps versus mobile optimised sites. According to a report by Compuware, 85% of consumers prefer applications to mobile websites since they are considered more convenient, faster and easier to browse.
Recent audience research also tells us that 24% of all adults now listen via a mobile phone, up 34% year on year. This rises to 43% for 15 – 24 year olds up 24% year on year. Adults listening across all digital platforms has increased by 15% now at 27.9 million. (Source RAJAR Q2 2013)

Here at Exaget we celebrate this further growth in mobile listening and qualifies our commitment to delivering unique audio marketing solutions via the mobile.

Here’s this weeks round up:


Can you live without that app ?

We all have them: that little icon on our phones that without which our lives would feel more complicated and all together less enjoyable. For a digital publisher, it will always be ‘nice to have’ that app: the interesting, functionally focused app that extends their brand. – read the full article here


Increase in Radio listening across Digital platforms – RAJAR data release (Q2, 2013)

Recent RAJAR listening figures tell us that 24% of adults- Have ever listened to radio via their mobile phone, up 34% Year on Year and 43% of 15-24 year olds – Have ever listened to radio via their mobile phone, up 24% Year on Year. – read the full article here.


Brands and bands: Advertisers partner with broadcasters on client-branded streams.

Branded stations are becoming more popular and more requested on digital media. Large national advertisers are increasingly working with broadcasters to launch client-branded online radio stations. Walmart, Macy’s, Pepsi, Toyota, Wendy’s and Supercuts are among the brands that have pressed play on custom streams. – read the full article here


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