Exaget Week in Review: RAIN Summit, IAB Audit & More

Exaget Week in Review

Welcome back to Exaget’s Week in Review. We’ve taken a short break over the past couple of weeks but we’re now back in swing of things and looking forward to keeping you up-to-date.

In the Exaget Week in Review we look at interesting, informative and educational content from our industries. If you ever have any suggestions about Exaget, the article or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Here is this week’s round up:

RAIN Summit Europe
The Radio and Internet News (RAIN) will be hosting the RAIN Summit Europe on Tuesday 4th November 2014 featuring RAIN News Founder Kurt Hanson and CEO Jennifer Lane. Also speaking will be Exaget CEO Shankar Meembat. Focused around the digital audio industry, this event is the largest meetup of internet radio and online audio professionals.

76% of top tech & telco brands have mobile optimised site
Research released by the IAB UK reveals that 76% of the top 50 UK technology and telecoms brands have a mobile optimised site, however 6% have no mobile presence whatsoever.

Powerhouse growth of streaming revenue in 2014; music sales in double-digit slide (RIAA)
America’s RIAA reports great news about the growth of streaming media in the US. At the top line, a decrease of 4.9% in overall revenue. Income for the first six months of the year totalled $3.2 billion, compared with $3.4 billion in the same period of 2013.

Interesting Article on the role Commercial Radio Stations play in their local Community
“Without the benefit of the licence fee or public subsidy, commercial stations broadcast on average 10 hours 21 minutes of public service content each week, that’s 3,000 hours a week. The return on investment for advertisers is £7.70 for every £1 invested. The sector raises over £18m a year for charity. Commercial radio stations are at the heart of their communities, in every format imaginable. These facts alone should persuade anyone that some perceptions about commercial radio lag a little behind the reality.”

Grooveshark Guilt of Massive Copyright Infringement
The US District Court in Manhattan has found Grooveshark of massive copyright infringement. Grooveshark CEO & CTO will face the heaviest charges which have yet to be determined. Employees who didn’t cooperate were often faced by penalties.


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