Exaget Week in Review: Internet radio streaming the new platform for mobile advertising

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According to Rebecca Borison, In stream audio advertisements on internet radio streaming and other such mobile applications are more preferred by the users as it does not affect the device small screen since they are purely audio, also these ads are preferred by the advertisers since it gives a guaranteed impression unlike the display ads.
A new Forrester Research reports “in-stream audio” as a powerful yet under-utilized advertising medium and encourages marketers and advertisers to take advantage of the “unique user experience, targeted reach, and guaranteed impressions” that services like Internet radio afford.

Here at Exaget we enable broadcasters to monetize their digital mobile audience through our clever new ad insertion technology. Offering advertisers highly targeted campaigns.

Here’s this week’s round up:

In-stream audio advertising an untapped marketing opportunity

With many music-streaming services following freemium and ad-supported models, and the majority of adults unwilling to pay to access these services, marketers would be wise to take advantage of this market, according to a report by Forrester Research. – read the full article here

Music goes mobile as more smart-phones users stream songs

Over 99% of mobile music listeners tune in on smart-phones. In U.S. alone 70 million people regularly stream music through their phones and this number is expected to grow exponentially by 2015. – read the full article here

Mobile ads favour coexistence, not disruption

People look at their mobile phones an average of 150 times a day, according to several studies. These kind of statistics have encouraged major companies like Facebook, google, Pandora to move to mobile and build a strong advertising business on it – read the full article here

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