Digital Didn’t Get Ready to Rumble: Exaget Week in Review

Exaget Week in review

Across the pond, each year the Americans have one of the biggest advertising events. It’s also an event where they play their Americanised version of our rugby, but that’s not really the bit that interests us here at Exaget.

The Super Bowl is synonymous with big faces; Halftime Show celebrities, NFL players, and of course, at the heart of the Super Bowl – the ads. Traditionally a television phenomenon, advertisers would have been silly this year if they hadn’t tapped into the lucrative possibilities of digital. Oh wait….

This week, we’ve rounded up the best of the Super Bowl news that have been making the rounds, and hand-picked a select few that gave us food for thought:


‘Super Bowl TV ads don’t lead to online sales’

Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Rocket Fuel’s Dominic Trigg looks at the true value of Super Bowl ads in their ability to persuade viewers to consume and drive business and sales – the only way, really, that advertisers can justify their exorbitant spend, with the cost of a mere 30 second TV spot amounting to an eye-watering £4.5 million this year. But, as Dominic Trigg points out, the TV ads failed to live up to their business promise this year.


Did Super Bowl Fans Throw Attention at Social?

It seems that advertisers really did miss the digital trick, as the latest research to surface has shown that over 3 in 10 viewers followed along on Facebook, while 15.7% followed on Twitter – which is actually an impressive figure, given that only 20.4% of US internet users will actually use Twitter on a monthly basis this year. And, what’s more, this research has also found that just 26.1% of Super Bowl viewers had been persuaded to buy a product based on an ad. The message that one can take away from this? Next year, Super Bowl advertisers, be sure to go digital. Facebook may be a better friend than the television.


Which Super Bowl XLIX Advertisers Generated the Most Buzz?

And finally, a round up of Super Bowl in colourful and easy-to-read statistics. In a quick recap, the T-Mobile USA advert was the most engaging (we wonder if Kim Kardashian’s ‘assets’ had anything to do with that); McDonald’s was the most discussed advertiser, and 77% of social buzz came from mobile devices. Click here to have a look.


So, what can we expect to see from the Super Bowl next year, other than Katy Perry dancing with sharks? Going digital, we hope. But until then, advertisers now have a year to save up for their big sporting cash blow-out.


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