Digital Audio

Targeted, Trackable Audio Advertising

Exaget brings the targeting capabilities of digital advertising to the audio world.

Most people associate digital advertising with the visual format (e.g. banners and pop-up ads). This kind of advertising is effective because it is capable of being tracked, measured and targeted.

Exaget’s technology creates an interactive, media-rich user experience that incorporates not only targeted audio messages, but also visual cues and calls to action.

Results can be tracked in real-time via Exaget’s online campaign management portal.

Unprecedented Accuracy

The precise targeting power of Exaget’s digital-audio advertising technology means that advertisers using Exaget get outstanding, measurable return on their investment.

With Exaget, advertisers can target rapidly growing mobile audiences on a per-person, per-location basis in real-time. It is even possible to target a specific user at the exact moment she walks past an advertiser’s store.

Advertisers can also track and measure their effectiveness to make sure campaigns are exactly on target. Exaget’s campaign management portal provides real-time data so advertisers can measure results immediately.