• Grow Your Audience

    Exaget’s patent-pending technology helps broadcasters understand and engage with their listeners. Although necessary, ad breaks present an opportunity for listeners to disconnect from your brand. Don’t lose listeners with untargeted advertisements. Grab their attention with useful and interesting content. With Exaget you can make listeners AND advertisers happy while increasing revenue, too — so everybody wins.

  • Boost Advertising Revenue

    Broadcasters using Exaget’s technology can drastically increase the amount of money they make per advertisement. Highly targeted digital advertisements command six to eight times more cost per thousand impressions than traditional, untargeted radio advertisements do. Exaget makes audio advertisements more valuable, in turn boosting broadcasters’ revenues.

  • Increase Cost Per Advertisement

    Audio advertisements delivered by Exaget can be targeted, measured and tracked. Therefore, instead of charging for advertisements at a standard low rate based on the size of the total audience, broadcasters using Exaget can charge based on cost per thousand impressions (CPTs) — a digital technique that yields a high return on investment and therefore commands a premium rate.

  • Access New Revenue Sources

    With Exaget, audio broadcasters can access a new kind of advertiser: the digital marketer. Exaget helps broadcasters tap into digital marketing budgets by combining the emotional impact of audio with the precise targeting power of digital advertising. The targeting and tracking capabilities of Exaget’s technology are attractive to advertisers that are looking for a high degree of accountability and measurement.

    By joining Exaget, broadcasters automatically widen their pool of potential advertisers to include those in the Exaget advertiser network. Broadcasters can work with advertisers in the network or by streaming directly through the UTuneMe application.

  • Find Advertising Partners

    The Exaget SDK is supported by an audio advertising exchange that advertisers and broadcasters can use to plan campaigns and track their performance. This architecture, common to other mobile and online advertising networks, enables broadcasters using the SDK to reach many more advertisers than they could on their own.

  • Understand Listener Behaviour

    Exaget’s online portal provides comprehensive, real-time analytics. This information helps broadcasters understand how listeners consume content so they can grow their audiences and provide valuable advertising that serves the needs of advertisers and audiences alike.

  • Save Time Planning and Negotiating

    Radio planning can be a cumbersome process, but broadcasters using Exaget’s technology never have to spend time manually scheduling and planning mobile advertisements. The technology automatically delivers in-stream advertisements on the fly based on user demographics and geolocation information.

    Exaget also saves broadcasters time by taking care of negotiations with advertisers on broadcaster’s behalf. When an advertiser from the Exaget network wants to work with a broadcaster, an Exaget representative contacts the broadcaster to set up an advertising agreement.

  • Free and Easy to Use

    Using Exaget requires virtually no upfront investment or on-going operational costs. There is no charge to install the Exaget Software Development Kit or to broadcast via the UTuneMe application. Furthermore, broadcasters are not required to keep buying software upgrades or to invest in additional server capacity as their audiences grow.

    Instead, Exaget is a low-cost, client-side technology with a business model based on the volume of targeted advertising delivered. Broadcasters simply install the technology and then pay Exaget a share of each advertisement sold. Exaget matches advertisers to broadcasters and delivers advertisements based on listener profiles and advertisers’ willingness to pay. No further investment is necessary.

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Increase Advertising Revenue

Access New Revenue Sources

Free and Easy to Use

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