Analogue Radio Advertising – Is There Any Point?

Analogue Radio

Close your eyes and think about the things you do whilst listening to the radio. Maybe you listen to the radio whilst cooking or cleaning? Do you listen to it whilst working or driving? Maybe you scroll through social media as you listen? Maybe you are even listening to it now whilst reading this article?

Now, ask yourself if your full attention is ever on the radio and just the radio. Try to think about the last time you fully listened to the radio, without doing anything else or focusing on anything else. Difficult, right?
Now, I want you to think about what you do when an advert starts playing on the radio. Am I right to assume that you divert your attention to whatever else you are doing? That you fully focus on whatever it is you are cooking, cleaning or reading. Do you ever actually listen to the advert? Do you ever think about what the advertiser is saying? Or do you just see it as background noise – going in through one ear and out the other.

We are in an ever-evolving era, the 21st century is a tech savvy, digital time, where everyone is a pro at multi-tasking and concentration spans are fast decreasing. As a result, analogue radio advertising is becoming less and less effective as we learn to drown out the sounds of jingles and jokes and learn to divert out attention to something more interesting within a moment.

I’m not suggesting that advertisers should stop advertising with radio stations. I am simply saying that advertisers would be better off enforcing their message on other platforms. Not only should advertisement be played on-air, but also shown on the station’s website, their app and on their online broadcast, where a visual advert can be included.

Working with the internet will give advertisers the opportunity to accurately target their audience, thus generating more money and consumption.