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According to the latest figures from ZenithOptimedia, a third of the growth in advertising this year is to be fuelled by mobile campaigns. The media agency’s Advertising Expenditure Forecast found that the market is set to grow by 3.5 per cent this year, with 37 per cent of this growth accounted for by the explosion in advertising on mobiles and tablets.
Overall, mobile marketing is expected to expand by 77 per cent this year, 56 per cent next year and 48 per cent in 2015. By this point, spend in this area will make up six per cent of advertising expenditure worldwide.
The mobile ad sector will be worth US$14.3 billion (£8.86 billion) globally this year, which is 2.9 per cent of advertising spend.
Mobile advertising has made significant strides this year as marketers test new ad formats and get a better grasp on mobile’s role as part of a multichannel strategy.

Here are five advertising campaigns innovated for mobiles, that we really liked:

1. Adidas:

Adidas advertise
To promote its new Boost shoe, Adidas launched a rich media campaign that let consumers play a mobile game. The game was meant to stimulate the different types of terrain and conditions that the shoe can hold up in. The athletic shoe brand partnered with iProspect Philippines and InMobi on the campaign with findings pointing towards the effectiveness of rich media in keeping consumer’s attentions. The average user time engagement with the ad was more than 60 seconds. Additionally, the campaign generated a 1.27 percent click-through-rate, and the peak daily click-through-rate was 2.02 percent. The average click-through-rate on iOS devices totalled .97 percent with the Android version bringing in a 1.64 percent click-through-rate. The campaign generated 1,220,346 impressions with 672,054 coming from iOS devices and 548,292 coming from Android devices. Moreover, the advertising campaign racked up 15,478 clicks.

2. Bradesco Seguros Insurance:

Bradesco, a car insurance provider, placed ads in iPhone and iPad magazines that appeared to be a traditional spread for a car. The twist comes when the reader tries to turn the page. When readers swept a finger across the tablet’s screen to turn the page, the car follows and crashes. Tagline: “Unexpected events happen without warning. Make a Bradesco car insurance plan.”

3. Chapstick:
chapstick advert

Chapstick was smart when it ran a full-page, audio and mobile banner ad within Pandora’s iPhone application.
The company seldom tipped its toes in the mobile space, and the campaign helped Chapstick builds its social and mobile presence.
Chapstick’s mobile ad campaign aimed to increase the company’s relationship with fans. When users tapped on the mobile ad they were redirected to the company’s Facebook page.There, consumers were encouraged to “Like” Chapstick. This not only helps build the company’s relationship with consumers, but also lets them learn more about its products.
The company also launched a branded radio station within Pandora to continue its engagement with users, increase its
Facebook likes and increasing its social presence via a mobile campaign.


4. McDonald’s:

McDonald's adverts

McDonald’s is one of the few marketers that consistently relies on mobile advertising to drive product trials and in-store traffic.
The fast food giant took its efforts to the next level with a campaign that encouraged consumers to snap pictures of their favourite meals and share them on Instagram as part of a marketing campaign to relaunch its famous Big Macs to a young, social media-heavy audience.
In addition to sharing pictures on Instagram, consumers could also browse through a gallery of photos.
McDonald’s worked with Kargo and OMD Chicago to execute the campaign, and ads ran within mobile sites of publications including Us Magazine, Spin and Billboard.
A mobile ad campaign such as this one shows the growing role that mobile has played in bolstering the social media presences of brands this year.


5. The Microloan Foundation:

Using mobile SMS technology, The MicroLoan Foundation (a charity that helps African women set up their own small businesses through micro-financing) created a quick and easy way for users to donate—and receive public awards. “On a digital poster site at a busy shopping centre in London, they created unfinished portraits of African women,made entirely of pennies. Then they invited passers-by to complete each picture by texting a donation to the poster, along with their name. Making innovative use of Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform, the SMS activated an on-screen animation sequence, and the donation dropped into place as an animated shower of coins, adding to the unfinished portrait.”
A total of 314,200 people were exposed to the campaign, and 21 African women now have their own small businesses.

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