• Digital Audio’s Lucrative Possibilities

    Advertisers cannot afford to ignore the lucrative possibilities of digital-audio advertising on smartphones.

    Hundreds of millions of people around the world listen to internet radio and podcasts — and, more than ever, they’re listening via mobile devices. With listeners emotionally invested in their chosen broadcasts, targeted audio advertisements have the potential to make digital marketers a lot of money.

    The keyword is “targeted.” Irrelevant advertisements are likely to annoy listeners and even cause them to change stations. Taking a haphazard, scattershot approach to audio advertising will only waste your money and your time.

    To yield the highest return, you need to take advantage of the abundance of user information available on smartphones, and you need to use this information to target individual listeners based on their personal interests, demographics and current location.

  • Reach the Right Audiences

    This is where Exaget comes in. Exaget enables advertisers to combine the emotional impact of audio with the targeting power of digital marketing.

    Exaget’s technology targets advertisements exactly at individual smartphone users in real-time, even as they travel from place to place.

    The targeting changes in-stream advertisements on the fly based on listeners’ demographics, personal interests and changing locations in real-time. The result is a media-rich combination of targeted audio content with relevant visual cues and calls to action.

    Exaget’s specificity ensures listeners receive advertising content that is relevant and meaningful — not annoying and pointless. As a result, advertisers can access an engaged, relevant audience that is ready to listen and respond to whatever they have to say.

  • Know Where They Are

    Exaget delivers audio advertisements that are relevant to listeners’ personal tastes and current location — even as they travel from home to work. This level of specificity is not currently possible with other audio advertising technologies.

    With Exaget, an advertiser can target a listener at the exact moment the listener walks past the advertiser’s store. Two people sitting next to each other in the same room, listening to the same radio station, will hear different advertisements based on their personal tastes and demographics. Exaget provides unparalleled precision in digital-audio ad targeting.

    This “exact targeting” capability — the origin of the name Exaget — makes audio advertising much more valuable.

  • Get Customers to Act Quickly

    With Exaget, you can find out where your potential customers are and prompt them to act at the ideal moment — as they approach your shop, for example. Exaget allows advertisers to deliver attention-grabbing messages to the right people at the right moment and target customers even when they are on the move. Timely, relevant audio messages are accompanied by personalised calls to action, increasing the likelihood that customers will click and act.

  • Tailor As You Go

    Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising in real-time via Exaget’s online portal, which allows advertisers to set up campaigns, run campaigns and see results immediately. Check in on your campaigns anytime and modify and optimise your advertisements to ensure they are delivering the right results. Harness the emotional power of audio while tapping into the targeting, tracking and measuring benefits of digital marketing.

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