Exaget is an early-stage technology company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Driven by a passionate international team based in Helsinki and London, Exaget is helping Radio Broadcasters gain the maximum benefit in this era of increasing internet and mobile usage. Exaget helps radio stations increase their online presence with websites, mobile apps and social management tools. In addition, Exaget provides data driven engagement solutions increase listenership and to generate advertiser leads effectively.

Exaget’s Patented ActiveRadio® technology allows replacement of audio content for online listeners at a highly granular level. Combined with its online ad portal, publishers and broadcasters can easily plan, manage and monitor audio campaigns real team – delivering high value relevant advertising to the listeners.



  • Shankar Meembat

    Shankar Meembat

    Shankar, who started his career as an engineer, has worked in various director-level marketing and business development positions at Nokia, Rabbitsoft, Lovedale Corporation and others. While driving the adoption of mobile services in a senior role at Nokia in Finland, Shankar started to listen to radio stations from abroad on his mobile. He realised many of the advertisements he heard were completely irrelevant to him, thus wasting both his time and the advertiser’s money. It was this discovery that gave him the idea to create a technology that would monetise targeted mobile audio advertising — ultimately leading to the development of Exaget.

    Founder and CEO

  • Nippan Singam

    Nippan Singam

    Nippan specialises in mobile application and middleware development. Nippan, has a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology and a Master’s in Computer Science engineering. He has experience of working on multiple platforms iOS, Android, Windows 8, Tizen.

    Senior Software Developer

  • Antonio Guadagno

    Antonio Guadagno

    After graduating with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Pisa, Antonio worked as a user experience designer in the Netherlands, the US and then in Finland, where he worked for a number of years at Nokia, leading teams to deliver the Nokia Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

    Founder and Lead Designer

  • Hannu Pankakoski

    Hannu Pankakoski

    Hannu is a senior IT and telecommunications professional with broad experience in software products and service businesses. In 2000 he joined Nokia and first trained employees in WAP technology and related products all over the world. Later he worked as a product manager in a team developing the service for what would become Nokia Store.

    Lead Project Manager

  • Joni Rinne

    Joni Rinne

    Joni Rinne started his career as a lead developer and has since gained 14 years of experience in the Software/ICT industry from hands-on to management in various roles, including CTO, VP Products, Head of R&D, Consultant, Product Manager, System Architect and Software Architect.

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Reena Vijayaraghavan

    Reena Vijayaraghavan

    Reena Vijayaraghavan, grew up in India but moved to Singapore, where she worked as a Data Analyst. She then took some time-off as she and her family relocated around Europe for a number of years. Travelling and listening to music are her hobbies. She enjoys that the rise of Internet Radio has made it easier for her to keep in touch with the music of her hometown. Now, working at Exaget, she’s back to her passion crunching the numbers at Exaget.

    Data Analyst

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