4 Tips to Making a Succesful Radio Ad

radio ad

Radio is the second-most powerful medium in the US, reaching 59 percent of the country’s population each day and reaching 89% of the UK population every week. To drive leads and revenues, radio advertisements are an effective tool for your business – they are cost-effective, measurable and very targeted. Read on to find four powerful tips on creating the perfect radio advert.


1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is essential, whether you are making a television, print or online ad, you need to know who will be consuming your ad. And this is no different when it comes to radio. Because different radio rations have different demographics, you should be picking a radio station that targets the right audience for you. You wouldn’t put an advertisement targeted to elderly people on a pop hits station, would you?


2. Get your listeners’ attention

It is absolutely necessary that you get your listeners attention in the first three seconds of your radio advert so that they don’t switch the station or mute your ad. You should start your radio ad with a strong opening line and not waste time on long-winded introductions. Get straight to the point without using too many words; most radio slots are very short!

A good way to capture your listeners’ attention would be to start with a funny short story or line to keep the audience listening. Or, maybe start off with an endearing jingle, but be careful – many jingles can be classed as annoying and will instantly turn the listener’s attention off.

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3. Use an emotive voice-over

With radio being an audio medium, listeners rely on the tone of the voice to judge emotion. Your voice over speaker needs to perfectly capture the feel of the commercial, whether that is by sounding excited, nervous, or calm. Failing to capture the perfect sound for your ad will result in wasted sales.

4. Never stop testing

You should aim to test your radio ad campaign over and over again to see what works best. A simple way to test what works is by creating, and broadcasting, two different ads and having each ad lead to a separate URL or a different number to call. That way, you can see how many listeners are acting upon both ads.

You should continue testing your winning ad over the next couple of months, trying out different things each time before finding your conversion rates skyrocket!