3 Examples of Guerrilla Marketing in Radio

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy designed for businesses with small budgets. It involves high imagination and aims to promote a product or service in an unconventional way. Guerrilla marketing focuses on grasping the public’s attention with personal and memorable marketing. Check out three of the best examples of guerrilla marketing in radio to hopefully give your station some inspiration to think outside the box.


1. 96.3 Rock Radio

Guerrilla Marketing in Radio

This innovative campaign, by 96.3 Rock Radio, is a great way to grab a person’s attention on low budget. A lot of marketers frequently use giveaways to create buzz but not every business has the budget to spend on this. Giving away an imaginary guitar perfectly complements the station’s brand by showing it’s fun side, conveying that listeners cannot resist but to play their air guitar along with Rock Radio’s songs. Rock Radio managed to grab the attention of passersby and generate a buzz around their station.


2. International Radio Festival

Guerrilla marketing in radio Guerrilla marketing in radio Guerrilla marketing in radio

These genius street posters, advertising the International Radio Festival, aimed to reveal the festival’s diversity by focusing on the show located the farthest away from Zurich. IRF Zurich developed billboards which directly integrated gully holes to create a speaker look. Out of the gullies. Kiss FM‘s radio show was aired through small speakers – literally advertising the show from down under. IRF was successfully advertised, highlighting its creativity and diversity on a low budget.

3. Virgin Radio


French radio station Virgin Radio, aimed to create a big buzz around the station which established itself as the pop-rock station for 15-34 year olds. To reinforce it’s tagline Un maxx de tubes (English translation: Maximum hits), Virgin radio gave away a “Maxx” of t-shirts in a very creative way. They hung t-shirts around a city just out of arm’s reach, encouraging people to think outside the box to grab themselves a freebie. Not only was this a great way to create buzz on the street, people who then wear the t-shirt will constantly be promoting the station.