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Is your online presence generating enough revenue?
The average internet user spends 20 hours online a week (Ofcom). You must have an online presence to interact with your audience. Find out why here.
Increase Loyalty
Online interactions increase engagement; engagement breeds loyalty. Find out more here.
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On-air Radio alone is not enough…

Online listener engagement is essential


listener engagement
Manage Your Listener Engagement

Your Online Presence

Your online presence – on the web, on mobile devices and in social networks, says a lot about you. For your listeners, it is the best means of engaging with you. And for those who are not your listeners yet, it is a natural way of  discovering your station. Click here to see how Exaget can help you with your online presence.

Advertiser Engagement

Sales Tools

Whether you are a commercial station, a community station or a hobbyist, you do need to have an income. Your customers are increasingly using the web to decide where they spend their money. Not only do you need to be there, but you also need to be able to engage with them online. Let us help you with that. Learn more.

Targeted Messaging


Exaget’s ActiveRadio® solution allows you to combine the power and intimacy of Radio with the engagement, targeting and accountability of Digital. By delivering relevant personalised advertising to your listeners, you can deliver to advertisers the return on investment they are looking for; driving value for you and your clients.

Many stations have chosen Exaget’s powerful technology